Digital Transformation Consultancy

Creating New Perspectives

Digital transformation goes beyond simply automating existing processes in a novel way.

It entails adopting a fresh perspective to assess how things currently operate and initiating a comprehensive change across strategy, business models, organizational structure, employees, and processes.

The essence of transformation lies in creating value. This value creation is not limited to customers alone but extends to employees as well, which in turn indirectly benefits shareholders.

Alignment Key Digital Transformation Consultancy focuses on 4 main topics and can be shaped according to the needs of your company. It is essential for an invincible and future-oriented company to constantly renew and reinvent itself. In the developing technology and business world, especially business models are losing their validity much faster and if you cannot realize this and transform, it causes you to lose in that business model. For this reason, the first part of our work will be mainly on Business Models. You can think of this part purely as a Management Consulting.

In this context

Examining your existing Business Models through the lens of customer and value creation by applying the Business Model Canvas strategy Examining customer segments and value creations in detail Making future analyses of Business Models and planning their possible improvements Development of New Business Models Extraction of Customer Journey Map and Employee Journey Maps

In the second part, an analysis of the renewed Business Models and Business Processes will be made. This part can also be called Process Consultancy and in scope;

Analysis of existing Business Processes by considering the renewed Business Models Organizing business processes that show disconnection between departments Identification of critical processes and elimination of difficulties in these process implementations Designing new business processes needed

After the completion of our work on Business Models and Business Processes, we will start working on our Digital Transformation Strategy. We will continue our work through a framework accepted in the industry. This section will proceed under 4 main headings;

Technology and Data: Simple architecture, expandable and future-proof structures, data analytics Agile Structures: Agile product management, parallelism, backlog, time-to-market Experience: Customer and employee experiences Organization: Leadership, cross functions, communication

After these evaluations, we will look at the issue of Investment. This is the part where we need to make a decision about how to implement the resulting projects depending on their priorities and the value they will create, and make a budget of Digital Transformation.

In the fourth and final part, we will work on Digital Transformation and Company Culture. In this section, we will work to define the new company culture that will be formed by digital transformation, to make the necessary training and on-the-job work plans for the employees, and to plan the human-oriented changes necessary for the continuous increase of customer and employee satisfaction.

As Alignment Key, we can meet the requests of some of our institutions based on operational and project management such as writing Technical Specifications, managing and finalizing tender processes as an option.




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