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Small Business Analysis&Team Analysis

If you're a small business owner and want to get the most out of your team to easily manage, grow and move your business forward, this is designed for you!

No matter what vertical you operate as a business, it is very important that the group or groups that make up that business work functionally and in harmony. There are many areas that need to be managed for a business to be successful including sales strategy, marketing, accounting, planning, customer service, employee productivity, and engagement. If all these areas are handled by employees who bring in the right skills and are satisfied with their jobs, success comes along.

In the analysis, group dynamics, areas of potential and areas where problems may be felt are identified, offering practical and effective recommendations to transform your business and profit. If you are interested in getting deep insights into what makes your team successful, where potential problems might me, and how to fix those problems, this analysis is for you. You'll also get insights into the following:

  • Which of the 12 Business Skills are present in your business and how they are operating.
  • Identify any problem areas.
  • Which skills each team member brings in.
  • How to bring in in new employees to complement in areas needed.
  • The harmony of your business and how team members effect each other.
  • Identify areas of expansion, future growth and how you can address it.

Alpha One Leadership Analysis

Alpha One Leadership Analysis is for business owners, managers and executives. If you'd like to understand your leadership qualities, strengths and areas you are better off having others assist you, this analysis is for you. It will help discover areas where you can concentrate and focus your energy to deliver results and have satisfaction working. Furthermore, you can tailor your management style based on your interaction and partnership style with your employees and give them guidance accordingly. If you are desiring to move your business or career forward into the future, or grow into a larger organization with more employees or prefer to stay stable and anchored and be profitable, the analysis may help you in these endeavors. We can also identify challenges you may be facing and work on those. This is a tailor-made analysis with lots to offer.

The Alpha One Leadership Analysis offers you the following in a tailor-made report and one to one consultancy:

  • Shadow Analysis: Understanding where your conditioning can get in your way and how this can reflect in your business life and career.
  • Skill Focus: Looking at Skills and Attributes you bring to the table.
  • Decision Making Process.
  • Personal Management Guidelines (Type, Profile, Purpose – Specific Leadership Strengths).

Partnership Analysis

Anyone can work within a partnership framework when they can find the right partner. All partners will have certain challenges as well as strengths. With BG5™ Partnership Analysis, two people working together can understand the energy dynamics between them, so that they can capitalize on each other's strengths and continue working together by being aware of possible difficulties that may arise from the energy dynamic, without personalizing and possible misunderstandings.


Understanding How Each Person Operates

Career Design Overview for each of the partners, .​ ​

Understanding personal dynamics of each partner

Career Type

  • Understanding how each person operates in the world.

Personal Interaction

  • How can you best interact with each other?​

Decision Making Strategy

  • How can you best support each other in making decisions?​


  • How do you each process information?

General Thematic

  • Empowerment, Sharing or Support?

Skills & Strengths

  • What business skills and strengths do each of you possess?


  • What challenges do you each regularly face?


What are your relationship dynamics?

Understanding strengths and challenges.

Potential areas of challenge in the relationship.

Connection Theme

  • What is the overall theme of your Partnership?​

Public Role

  • Is your Public Role in Harmony or not?


  • Where may you Compromise each other?​

Areas of Dominance

  • What Strengths do your Partner have that you do not?

Companionship Connections

  • Where do you feel a kinship with your Partner?

Electromagnetic Connections

  • Where is your Partnership shines or where you can get into trouble if you overstep your bounds.

Emotional Dynamics

  • How will you affect each other emotionally?

Communication Dynamics

  • Where is the voice of the relationship coming from?


Summary and Recommendations

  • Summary of the relationship dynamics.
  • What stands out.
  • What are the “Hot Spots” to be aware of.
  • How can you best support each other.
  • How do you work better together?



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