Professional Training

I am teaching Foundation Courses at the BG5 Business Institute.

The Foundation Courses are for those who are intested in understanding themselves better, and also for those who would like to advance in BG5 system, to go on to Professional training.

To be successful in career and business, you must first understand the basic foundation of your own Unique Career Design. In the Foundation courses, we go on a journey into uncovering your hidden potential through understanding your personal operating style. This will also introduce you and get you familiar with the new BG5 language and terminology.

Those who are interested can continue to BG5 Certification Courses to become Certified Consultants.

A quick summary of what you can get out of the Foundation Courses is as follows: Understanding Yourself  Assimilating the information into your own life personally and professionally.

Understanding Others BG5 is not only about understanding ourselves – it is about understanding others personally and professionally.

BG5 Terminology Learn the new language to assist you in understanding it better personally as well as delivering this information professionally Interpreting the BodyGraph in terms of business and career.

The BG5 Foundation Course is the perfect place to start your BG5 journey!




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