BG5™ is the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System.​

Imagine you've been given a "user's manual" for your life and career.​

How does this user's guide help you? The guide directs you on how to guide your life and career in perfect harmony with who you are. It gives you a map to detail your skills and your potential and how to utilize them in life and bring them to manifestation. It helps you understand how you interact with the world and see where you are more sensitive to the impact and conditioning of your environment. ​

BG5™ is the Career and Business Application of the Human Design System.

BG5™looks specially at the most basic and fundamental issue that all human beings have to face…how to be successful materially in our job, career or business in a fulfilling way.​

The guidance provided by

BG5™, reveals how your instinctive guidance system works and is practical for making decisions that can greatly improve your life and work experience. The

BG5™ system is proven to be a valuable tool for raising people's self-awareness and making them more comfortable in their private and business lives. All you have to do is start experiencing this information and move forward with the awareness of your personal satisfaction. ​

Some of the things BG5™ will help you understand are…​

  • How are you designed to make money?​​
  • How can you fulfill our purpose?​
  • What gifts get “called out” of you in large or small groups?​
  • What work environment do you work best in?​
  • How do you work best with others?

How BG5™ is different from Human Design?​

One of the things that is different in BG5™ is that it takes a look at the positive side of Conditioning - the actual Healthy purpose of Conditioning, because conditioning is something natural, and mechanical that happens all the time. We are all here to connect with others. And each of us has a specific thing to contribute. So in essence, BG5™ takes a look at how you take advantage of Conditioning in a HEALTHY way, how can you make use of the mechanics of conditioning in a healthy way.​

Considering the fact that we spend about a third of our lives working, the importance of learning how to find true satisfaction and success in our careers and in our work is very apparent. Understanding our unique talents and competencies, bringing them into our work and better understanding our essence can take us all a step further in our careers and business and help us create financial success in a satisfactory environment​

For Your Career​

Career Design Overview provides you with the Success Code Map to your unique career design. With the overview, you’ll have a core understanding to fully utilize your specific talents and attributes you are here to contribute to the world.

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For Your Business​

No matter what vertical you operate as a business, it's vital that the group or groups that make up that business work in a cohesive and functional way. There are many areas that need to be managed for a business to be successful, including sales strategy, marketing, accounting, planning, customer service, employee productivity, and engagement.

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BG5 Workshops for Businesses​

BG5™ The Key to Corporate Success Transformation Program supports you to have more efficient employees and the more successful business results they will create by revealing the personal competencies of your employees and how they can act most comfortably and smoothly in business life.

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Professional Training​

BG5™ Human Design for Business Professional Certification Trainings are for those who want to provide consultancy to individuals and organizations with BG5™ for business with Human Design. The only accreditation body in the world is BG5™ Business Institute.

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