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One of the significant challenges we confront post-Covid is how to retain the genuine talents within our companies. Talent shortage is widely recognized as the most critical business problem worldwide, and we are witnessing an escalating trend of employees leaving their jobs.​

  • The risks and threats associated with employee turnover will continue to mount, necessitating a proactive approach to effectively manage and retain true talent. ​.
  • Surveys conducted with former employees reveal that ultimate control rests with Business Leaders, as concerns revolve around organizational culture, work environment, employee growth opportunities, and a sense of disconnection with management.​
  • An organization that possesses a clear purpose and a well-defined path to achieve it is deemed attractive to these talented individuals.​

A survey that was conducted in the post-Covid era is very interesting. ​
Of the 14,000 respondents, 40% have changed or are about to change their jobs in the past one year, and 26% have left the workforce entirely.

One thing is certain, we will not be able to solve this problem only by making huge increases in salaries, that is, materially. What has come out of the Covid process has clearly made us all feel that life is short, and the ends may be much closer than we had hoped. And we've all asked ourselves similar questions. "How meaningful is my job? “ "What am I living for? “ "Is there anything I am missing in life?“​

We were all plagued by a sense of inner emptiness and unhappiness, and this feeling still lingers to some extent. In this unique endeavor, we actively seek answers to these questions together and pose the following inquiry to ourselves: "Is it possible to be a content, peaceful, and dedicated white-collar worker?”​

As two individuals immersed in the white-collar workforce, we recognize the significance of having role models and inspiring narratives. Regrettably, there is a scarcity of such examples in our immediate surroundings—individuals who have found fulfillment and achieved a harmonious work-life balance—and even fewer who are genuinely willing to share their experiences with us.​

What will employees and companies gain with this training?​


The employee who becomes more aware will empathize much more with others, and conflicts within and against the company will be significantly reduced.​


With the realization of the importance of sharing, internal communication, help and support for each other will increase, and individual cooperation will decrease.​

Reducing the stress level of employees with Conscious Awareness teaching, paving the way for them to be happier and more life-loving individuals​ Satisfied Life:A new field will be opened in one's inner journey, and the success and happiness of the employee who lives a more fulfilled life will also increase.​

A new field will be opened in one's inner journey, and the success and happiness of the employee who lives a more fulfilled life will also increase.​​

Realizing the importance of working with a Coach and Mentor, the employee will want to continue this in both his business and private life, so that he can plan his own development potential much better.

It will be a beginning for him to bring small but important changes such as Meditation, Breathwork, Mindfulness into his life.​




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