“Things we live for”

Our values are the basic principles that guide how we want to live our lives. As these define the person we want to be, while providing us some standards for evaluating our actions.

Values are also the general beliefs in what is desirable. Which arises from our sense of self, from the general psychological needs of the person and from the social norms of society.

Values are aspects of life; taking responsibility, authority, autonomy, passion, creativity, forgiveness, giving, health, independence, being loving, being open, being fair, being traditional.

Values are not moral rules or principles

Values are not moral rules. Values are not about moral character or ethical behavior, but behaving in a very ethical way can be a value.

Value-Oriented Living is when one's values guide one's life and behavior. This also shows us that the person lives in a very high consistency. People who live this way ask themselves similar questions in every important decision;

  • Why am I doing this?
  • Does what I do align with my values?
  • If so, which of my values is more emphatic.
  • If I'm doing something different from my values, am I aware of it? Why am I doing this?

As we said at the beginning, values provide us with a standard by which to test our actions. The moment you move away from your values, you begin to suffer and have difficulty in life. You start to lose your consistency.

The way to a value-oriented life starts by clarifying the values. Unfortunately, most of my clients, they cannot reveal their values. They have a huge confusion between the values and the goals.

Goals are not values.

You can do goals over a certain period of time, but you live with your values all your life. While healthy living is a value, doing sports 2 times a week is only a goal. You can measure and realize goals. But healthy life value is a lifelong aspect for us, it is not a goal that you can not realize it once.

To clarify their values, I recommend to my clients to check themselves in their daily lives first. And even in the simple decisions made during the day, there is always a value. I then ask them what values they have neglected, which values they have not compromised. Setting priorities for our values is not very important if there is no conflict between them. These will change in the course of life.

In our coaching work, we first try to clarify the values by using different tools. And then we focus on how we can develop these values with some tools. We also focus on how we can close the gap between our values and actions. We also look at the environment in which values are formed in line with the wishes of the clients. We talk about questions such as where this value they have come from. Who has been a role model for them in the past, and what impact his family's values and beliefs have had on him. It often turns out that some of our values emerge from our conditioning in childhood. Which in fact we still unconsciously own them. We use two tools to recognize these conditioning and remove them from our lives; meditation and human design.

As soon as we clarify our values, the importance in life and where we will make the investment begin to emerge. In fact, our road map becomes clear.

Values are the first step to living a meaningful, consistent and full life. At the same time, it is a base for Self-Awareness, which our ability to see ourselves clearly. If you feel that you need help in these matters, you can join us in coaching sessions. You can also learn check the details of Self-Awareness workshop.

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Stay healthy, loving and aware

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Value Oriented Living

Our values are the basic principles that guide how we want to live our lives. As these define the person we want to be, while providing us some standards for evaluating our actions

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