Banu Başaran

Co-founder of Alignment Key​

Banu is the co-founding partner of Alignment Key, supporting businesses and individuals reach their full potential. She has been working in IT industry for 20+ years and still leads sales in a top global IT company. She also teaches Foundation and Consulting Certification courses at BG5™ Business Institute.​


Banu was born in Turkey and had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the world throughout her life, she considers herself a World Citizen. She attended secondary school in Pakistan and Cyprus, then high school in Naples, Italy. Having lived in different parts of the world throughout ers life, she thought at the time that studying International Relations was a good option, so he studied Political science and International relations.​

As much as she enjoyed business life and was successful throughout the years, in her late thirties she began to investigate if there was a way to better fulfill her life purpose, which should be more than just delivering business results for a company. In 2015 she became a Breathing Facilitator and Mind Coach in Istanbul, and she met Human Design.​ ​​

As she deepened in this knowledge, she began to discover herself, and was greatly impressed by the impact this knowledge had on her life. Later, he started to study Human Design professionally from business point of view.​

Her passion is to help individuals and businesses reach their true potential.​




Banu Başaran's Articles

Investigating Your Own Reality Is Wise

Self-Awareness, at its core, is the ability to see ourselves clearly and purely; understanding who we are, how others see us, and how we fit in this world.

Value Oriented Living

Our values are the basic principles that guide how we want to live our lives. As these define the person we want to be, while providing us some standards for evaluating our actions

What is not Yoga?

For some reason, in our country, yoga is always referred to as an activity done by women. Maybe it's because of the fact that I discovered yoga even though I had been doing sports for many years, so it was quite late.


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